Furniture Design

Using Traditional Woodworking Skills

For Module Issues with in Product Design Practice 

Under Guidance from DR Chalit Kongsuwan

Staircase as an unconventional resting spot.

The exploration of unconventional spots for temporary rest in places takes to staircases as an activity. Temporary rest is often accompanied with the other elements such as a box of cigarette or a packet of hot beverage. As such the duration of rest is in line with the timeframe of a lighted cigarette.


STEP mimics the form of a staircase into a low-raised seat. The traditional form of a stepladder is further developed into a stairway with the use of cantilever. 


The sequential progression of the 3 tiers of steps shows a gradual increment of thickness and depth. The negative space complements the cantilever of the tiers, bonded by mortise, wedge and tenon and cross half joints. In the front view, an illusion of 3-dimensionality is conveyed through the sequential placement of the legs from near to far. 

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