HIIO Lifestyle Series


Series of lifestyle kitchenware products that allow stress-relief in the process of preparing self-cultivated herbs.

Group Project with Yang Sheng Jyun, Zhang Ping Wen and Lv Gong Zhe

As part of a project done on Winter Exchange at National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT)

A series of Lifestyle Kitchenware that soothes.

Set in a metropolis of Taipei, Taiwan. An increase of households known as “Ya Fang” (錤렛), a unit that bares off all necessities to a single room, usually with an absence of kitchen, shows a contradiction to the importance of mealtimes, being reduced only to eat-outs and takeaways.


Combined with the stress of working life, the presence of a home-cooked meal can be a catalysis for an outlet to destress. Yet, such necessity has become a luxury.


HIIO (Pronounced ‘HEAL’) aims to relief stress in struggling working adults. Consisting of 4 stress-relieving products that forms a lifestyle cycle, each HIIO product takes on one aspect of stress-relief action through each product, user is induced to commit an action of stress relief.


01: WU

WU is a smart IOT herbs cultivator. The very presence, and the act of sustaining plant life is an act of stress relief. Utilizing fogponics in the cultivation of herbs ensues lesser mess and reduce crop decay due to the absence of soil. The use of IOT allows easy nurturing of the herbs.

02: XUAN

XUAN is a cyclone herbs washer. Though often passed up on, the second step of rinsing herbs is an integral process in the preparation of herbs. Watch as the mesmerizing motion of cyclone rinses the herbs. 

03: PAO

PAO is a tea brewer. Utilizing the motion of dipping the herbs into hot fluid to make tea, the very fishing motion allows a time for reliving stress.


CHUN is a wine pestle. Through the organic form of the pestle, allowing garnish of alcohol beverages. One allows relief after the end of a long excruciating day.



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