The Ström System


Group Project with Orion Dai Yuhui and Casey Kwokdinata


Winners of the IKEA Young Designers Award 2017

A dual-functioning storm drain which harnesses hydroelectric power into electrical current whilst draining floodwater.

Due to persistent rainfall, there has been a steady increase in frequency of floods in monsoon-hit areas such as Jakarta. This in turn triggers mass power shutdowns in cities as a precautionary measure due to uprooted cables posing as electrocution threats to the citizens. Yet, the very action of a power shutdown causes further danger as the cities are plunged into darkness.

Derived from the Swedish word Ström — whichstands for both hydro current and electrical current, the Ström System is a clever word play of a hybrid storm drain system designed to provide backup power sources in street lamps and emergency shelters in times of power shutdown or outage.

The Ström System comprises of a vertical hydroelectric generator attached directly below a uniquely designed storm drain. The storm drain not only functions as a conventional drainage system, the unique implementation of a vertical kaplan turbine below also allows floodwater to be harnessed into power. In addition, interior cables and parts used to harness the energy are hermetically sealed, hence reducing the risk of electrocution. The generated power will then be used as a backup power source in times of power outages or shutdowns, for street lamps, and emergency shelters. By providing light, affected citizens are able to navigate and seek shelter. 


The Ström System harnesses energy from floodwater into a backup power source, thereby turning a problem into an opportunity for flood-prone areas. 

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